The Chorus of Kibale is a children’s book about a young Redtail Monkey named Kibale. Her wild nature gets her separated from her monkey troop in the African rainforest. During her journey, she meets many other primate animals—from chimpanzees to bushbabies—that teach her how to listen to the forest to find her way home.

The story is set in Kibale National Park—a Ugandan rainforest that is home to the highest densities of primates in East Africa. While it is known for its scenic beauty, the exciting part of the Kibale Forest is not so much what is seen, but what is heard!  There are a cacophony of sounds that emerge from all levels of the rainforest—from birds to insects, monkeys and more—that can often only be encountered by ear. This book explores those sounds, and the creatures who make them.

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"I was utterly enchanted by The Chorus of Kibale.
It is a source of endless delight to the lucky children
who have the chance to read it."

—Dr. Jane Goodall